8001 Reset to factory settings

Go ahead, shoot for the feature requests, and if anyone knows the solution, they will share it with you. If there is a lot of people who request something, I will make a marketing request directly with Alcatel. A good idea would be to create a poll with each request. Alcatel-Lucent is aware of this forum.
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8001 Reset to factory settings

Post by MartinB »

Hi Guys

I have a 8001 that I want to set up on an OXO for some tests I need to do on this phone.
Its a Demo I borrowed from supplier but it has been set up by someone on another pabx and now has a password activated on it so I cannot access the Advanced system settings nor log in via the Web Gui as it asks for the password and they do not know what the password was.

According to the documentation this is blank by default. And to reset to factory default I still need to access that menu...

Is there another way of resetting the phone while it starts up?

thank you
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Re: 8001 Reset to factory settings

Post by alisee75 »

hi Martin,
try *3*3*3
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Re: 8001 Reset to factory settings

Post by morio »

disable the phone book and go back to the idle mode, just dial *3*3*3 and then send. this worked for me
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