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Re: User rights

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Sorry guys! I'm not used to the forum. I would like to ask the meaning of "Public network COS, External forwarding COS, Phone feature COS, and Connection COS". Thank you!
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Re: User rights

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x This table makes it possible to program the external access COS according to x
x the different system statuses (night, day, etc.) defined in the ENTITY x
x object. x
x The public network access COS define the authorizations and prohibitions x
x (barring) of the incoming and outgoing public network access. x
x -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
x The telephone service COS make it possible to: x
x - authorize or prohibit the access of sets to certain telephone facilities x
x - protect sets against certain facilities, x
x - define the type of routing on going off-hook. x
x The connection COS determine the authorizations or prohibitions of calls of x
x terminations (set and trunks). x
x Each termination (set and trunks) is allocated to a COS from 1 to n. x
x The communication rights concern the following features : x
x - local call between sets, x
x - call pick-up, x
x - hunting group call, x
x - outgoing, paging a free trunk by a set by seizing the trunk group or x
x abbreviated dialling, x
x - incoming, routing a network on a set (including case of DISA), x
x - in inter-automatic transit, between the incoming trunk and the outgoing x
x trunk, x
x - joining.
External forwarding COS /
This concern the External Forwarding COS of a set and it's related to the public net cos PNC
f.e if a set has EFCOS =255 in this case the internal set can only follow its PNC
if a set has PNC =5 calls authorised to all NETWORK and has EFCOS =3 wich authorise only mobile network then the set can only forwaded to mobile evn if PNCOS is full access
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