Binding card 4059 IP

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Binding card 4059 IP

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We have a problem with 4059 IP installation on W10.
Error msg is : L3OPEN open end of timeout

Computer has ethernet card, wifi card and bluetooth card. When I desactivate BT card, the error message is L3OPEN protocol init failed, so I can but conclude it tries to communicate through BT card however "bind" registry key is well configured with ethernet card on the first line.
I not physically on the computer, I will try to desactive BT card in the bios if I can but if someone had ever experimented this case, I would be happy to have your return.


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Re: Binding card 4059 IP

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This is a known problem where abcacom.exe tries to fetch the network adapter's mac-address, but incorrectly gets the BT's adapters instead.
This results in an empty mac-address as BT' adapters don't have a MAC address. This in turn result in an invalid tftp request, which result in a L3Open init problem. Best way to resolve this is to simply disable the BT adapter, reset the mac-address of the 4059IP attendant in OXE and try again.
The adapter binding order is not working in Win10 as it did previously in Win7...
-: I also have a UDP joke, but you might not get it :-

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