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Push notification

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I've programmed app for iOS which can accept incoming SIP calls and also make outgoing calls. Problem is when app go to background, connection to OXE is killed and no more incoming calls are coming. For that option I need send push notification to Apple.

Is oxe support push notification for sip or how can I extend functionality?

I have found 3rd party solution

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The Push Gateway is a specific operation mode of Flexisip, and was developed by Belledonne Communications to deliver SIP incoming calls or text messages on mobile device platforms where push notifications are required to receive information when the app is not active in the foreground. 

Supporting push notifications was already highly recommended and has now become mandatory in some OS (iOS ≥ 10, Android ≥ 8). The push system is promoted as an efficient, highly reliable, bug-free system for receiving information while the phone is switched off.

Flexisip Push Gateway can be integrated into existing SIP infrastructures that do not support push notifications, and in most cases without requiring any configuration changes
But have no idea how to make connection between OXE and flexisip, where this connection in OXEWBM have to be set?
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