Need help forwarding calls from AA externally

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Need help forwarding calls from AA externally

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Hi all,

I have to make a change to an OXO system for the first time and I'm a little lost, I'm hoping someone here can help.

Scenario: I need to add an option to the Auto Attendant that will forward customer calls to an external number (different country), passing the originators number.
What I've done so far:
- I've gone to Voice Processing > Automated Attendant > AA Menu and setup an option in AA Main Menu to 'transfer to subscriber/group' to Int. No. 241
- In Subscribers/Basestations List I have No. 241 set up as a Virtual Terminal. The 'Transfer to external' feature is checked. I've configured Diversion to 'Immediate' and entered full international dialling code of the external number.

When I test I dial the AA, select option and hear 'I'm transferring your call'. Almost immediately its followed by 'The person you are trying to reach is not available' and it returns to the AA prompt. What am I doing wrong?


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