Desk phone with DECT features

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Desk phone with DECT features

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Dear All,

Would appreciate any support/advice on below:

We are looking for purchase of a Desk IP Phones which can be integrated/set up via wireless DECT system same way like DECT Handsets. This option is considered instead of classic LAN (PoE) connection due to difficulties related to a new LAN cable runs. Please advise if anyone knows about Desk Phones with such features available for purchasing.
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Re: Desk phone with DECT features

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With DECT I have no idea ,but I know there is some SIP desktop phone by Grandstream that they use WIFI adapter and you just need a wireless network and SIP license in your OXE or OXO for that. Also CISCO have some media converter that convert WIFI to Ethernet and you can use them when you have cabling problem.
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Re: Desk phone with DECT features

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