Handsets with Loud Ring Volume

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Handsets with Loud Ring Volume

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We're deploying to a number of locations with a combination of 8018, 8028 and 8058 handsets into a retail environment, and receiving feedback that even on the loudest ring volume setting, it's nowhere near loud enough for the phone ringing to be heard over the general noise of the environment.

Is there a better handset out there for an OXE PoE deployment that the customer will be able to hear? For reference, they had zero volume issues with the Siemens OpenStage 40 HFA which they were using before.

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Re: Handsets with Loud Ring Volume

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11.3 External ringing interface module (MWS 3GV28050AA)
The accessory is supported by the
followinf sets 8078s BT 8078s 8068s BT 8068s 8058s 8028s 8018

You have to use a RJ11 to SATA adapter to connect your deskphone to this device. The RJ11 to SATA
adaptator is sold separately.
The external ringing interface module allows driving an external system (like a ring or a lamp), following
the ring tone cadence of the phone set connected on the telephone line. A switch on the electronic board
allows selecting between 2 operation modes.
• Follows the cadence: the relay follows exactly the ring signal.
• Hold mode: the relay is held for 0,7 s after the ring signal is gone. It erases some of the
ring pulses.
11.3.1 List of supplies
• 1 external ringing interface module.
• 3 circuits plug to screw.
• 1 RJ11/RJ11 3 meters (10 feet) cable.
• 1 DC Japan/DC Japan 3 meters (10 feet) power cable.
A power supply may be required to power the module when used with IP phone powered remotely
(Power Over Ethernet).
Use only the following power supply (Sold separately):
• 3AK27097 (commercial part number).
• 1AF00446 (technical part number).
11.3.2 Installation
WARNING: The module must be closed before use. No settings require the module to be open.

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