8058s Dropping Ethernet Link

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8058s Dropping Ethernet Link

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Bit of an odd one but it's starting to cause me a headache now.

Have around 40 8058s phones connected to two Cisco POE switches.

Out of the blue phones are dropping the ethernet link to the PC. When I reboot the phone the pc link is re established however the phone then brings up "no tftp response"

I originally put this down the a faulty cable however testing them they are coming back fine, if I move the cable to a different port on the POE switch they will come back on fine and both the phone & pc function as they should.

Problem I now have is this is starting to be a repeat occurrence gradually taking out a port at a time on the switches, these ports work just fine for a pc connected to them just not the phones.

Phones are configured on DHCP, all of them are pingable when turned on even ones showing "no TFTP response"

I've had this happen to 5 phones so far across 2 different switches. No network changes have been made recently, first issue arose a couple of months ago but now I've had it happen to 3 of them in the last 2 days.

Anyone have any advise or similar issues happen to them?

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