OM3 and OS2 on same stack ?

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OM3 and OS2 on same stack ?

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I have a problem with an OmniSwitch 6450, a stack of 3 (6450 P48) that I must connect in OS2 fiber to another 6450 P24.
The stack already has 4 fiber ports with OM3 fiber outlets.

And I would like to know if it is indeed possible to use the same stack of OM3 and OS2 fibers?
They are not on the same switch but on the same stack only.

I have already tried to change my SFP modules and my fiber cables, the departures were checked by service providers in cases where.
Anyway I managed to get my departures, my gbic, and my cables to work on the same 6450 P24 with another 6450 P48 spare. It all worked very well.

Do you have any idea if the two types of fiber are compatible on the same stack?

I have tried everything anyway, I still have to know if it is compatible ....
And also to try to put everything under the same version of firmware, but with Alcatel before receiving the code I think I will have it for 10 years, a shame not to provide free access to the customer the possibility of accessing the firmware available under reserve have a valid serial ID.

Thank you for your time and answers
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Re: OM3 and OS2 on same stack ?

Post by silvio »

this isn't a question of the module. OM2 and OM3 are both multimode - so you need SFP-10G-SR.
But the max. distance with (older) OM2 is 80m (for 10G) - with OM3 this is 300m. Maybe this is the reason.
best regards
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