6560 UBOOT Hell

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6560 UBOOT Hell

Post by Guyrick »

I have 10 6560's configured into 2 VC's 8 in VC1 and 2 in VC2.
All switch went stupid last night around the same time.
I have the rescue image but unable to get it loaded. ALE TAC was quick to get into system around 10pm and was unable to recover, by 2am they had provided V2 of the rescue image and ALE joined and still unable to recover. in lease the 14 hours ALE is quickly RMA'ing the gear. great news....
but WTF happened. bad hardware, firmware or just bad luck

attached is all the information myself and ALE can get from the switch gear currently

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Re: 6560 UBOOT Hell

Post by nperalta »

i think the device was a problem initialization of flash/ and then your usb for run resce is not detected, before (6850) only support 1G pendrive, now in 6560 i don´t know.
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