Omnivista NMS 2500 4.1.2 Login issues

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Omnivista NMS 2500 4.1.2 Login issues

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this is my first thread here on the forum, so I want to say hello.

One of our customers is using an Omnivista 4.1.2, setting up on a Windows 2012r2 Standard Server. After years of using it, suddenly he complains about login failures. There was configured a number of users, but no one of these users were able to login anymore. Even not the standard admin user. I already tried to delete the security folder, but it doesn't made a change.

There error message at the webif is simply: login failed

So, my questions are:
- where are the user informations are stored? (ldap, file based in security folder, or mongodb)
- is there a logfile where i can discover a possible problem?
- is there a way to setup a new machine and import the old data there?

Any hints would be really appreciated.


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