no traffic at wifi

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no traffic at wifi

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Hi all,

We would like to configure a GRE Tunnel between an OAW-AP1221 ( and OS6860E (8.7.280.R01) using Omnivista for WIFI.

So we start the OS6860E with attached Copper-Cable at Interface 1/1/2 where the VLAN 42 is incomming.
I guess we need a "loop-port" between VLAN (Interface 1/1/28) and Service (Interface 1/1/27) using DA fiber-cable
Config at the OS6860E:
vlan 42 admin-state enable
vlan 42 members port 1/1/2 tagged
vlan 42 members port 1/1/28 tagged
spantree vlan 42 admin-state enable
ip interface "Loopback0" address
ip static-route gateway metric 10

service stats disable
service access port 1/1/27 vlan-xlation enable
service 42 l2gre vpnid 42 vlan-xlation enable remove-ingress-tag enable
service 42 sap port 1/1/27:42
after that we create a new SSID (WPA2_PSK_AES) at OV with the Tunnel ID 42 and the GRE Tunnel IP AP Group assignment done, so the AP is radiate the WIFI.

So at the OS6860E there are MACs in VLAN 42 at Port 2 and 28, and MACs in L2GRE at sap:1/1/27:42 and sdp:xxxx:42

I can connect to the wifi by using PSK, but dont get IP-Adress. If i connect a device at the OS6860E at vlan 42 i get an adress.
If i set the IP manuall at the device connectet by wifi, i cant ping the gateway or other devices at the network.

Any suggestions?

Greetings :)
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