Problem with the PS1 port.

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Problem with the PS1 port.

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I have a problem with the PS1 power supply.
When I connect my external power supply to the PS1 port, the switch gives me an "UNPLUG" status. However the switch starts, but I cannot activate the POE.

If I connect the same power supply to the PS2 port, the switch gives me a "UP" status and I have no problem activating the POE.

The external power supply is an "OS6465-BPN-H-EU".
To declare it on the switch, I entered this command : "powersupply 1 name PS1 type ale HI-AC".
I don't think it's the command line that is the problem because I entered the same for the PS2 port ...

Do you think the PS1 port is faulty?

I have attached a file containing the power logs to you.

Thank you in advance for your return.

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Re: Problem with the PS1 port.

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When connected to PS1 port, can you run show powersupply.
as seeing the device does power on, I suspect the powersupply needs to be enabled.
powersupply enable 1 or powersupply enable chassis-id 1 1
It's been a while since I've worked with ALU switches so my apologies should there be an error in the syntax.

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