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SIP-Trunk / DID numbering translator

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i've a problem with DDI translation for my sip trunk in oxe.

I have an internal user 9418, which should be reachable throgh DDI 18.
If I'm calling DDI 18 from external, the OXE answers "not found".
If I'm calling DDI 9418 from external it works.
So, it seems like the DID translator ist not used...

This is my configuration.

TG 8:
Private Trunk Group + False
DID transcoding + True

Trunk group NPD selector:
Public NPD ID : 48
Private NPD ID : 0
Management Mode + Normal

NPD 48:
Called DID identifier : 8
Calling/Connected DID identifier : 8

DID num. transl. identifier : 8
First External Number : 10
First Internal Number : 9410
Range Size : 90
Unique Internal Number + NO

Any Ideas, what i've forgotten in my configuration?

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